Saturday, 21 April 2012

Looking for a home

This is me when I was rescued from Dunboyne Pound by the wonderful people at A Dog’s Life.  Here’s some of my story, as written by the lovely lady who took this picture. The text comes from the A Dog’s Life Facebook Photo Album “Dogs in Dunboyne Pound” from April 2012


Meet Norman (real name Shiloh) surrendered to pound yesterday apparently aged 13. He is very overweight.....huge, with VERY overgrown nails....but worst of all....he is totally broken hearted. You can see it in his little face. He kept waiting for someone familiar to come get him - but he got me instead!

Couldn't leave him behind today but biggest problem was getting him into the jeep because of his sheer weight.....but between two of us we managed it. Poor big guy didn't know where he was. Myself and the vet lifted him out and he potters around quite well for a dog of his size - the pressure on his poor joints must be awful.

He has been fully medically checked out and apart from being obese he is in good health otherwise. Vet staff have clipped his VERY long nails and vax'd and wormed him. What we need now is for someone to open their heart and their home to him. He will need a strict diet and lots of love to heal his broken heart. Despite his devastation he is the sweetest, gentlest guy. His teeth are good and he is sprightly enough so not sure if we believe he is 13. Can anyone foster him???

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