Saturday, 27 October 2012

Me in my forever home

I am so happy that Yours Truly Confused decided to bring me home.

Here’s a link to my Facebook album with the photographs she took of me today.

Today, my lovely foster mum, Julia, brought me to Dollymount. We met a nice lady with her two girl dogs on the beach, and we all walked and played for a while.

mintThen we all piled into Julia’s car and drove to a strange house. I learned that this house is Baskerville Manor.  There is a nice big garden with lots of interesting plants and round things on the ground.  Turns out they are windfall apples – yummy!

Once they had taken a look around, and saw that I was getting on well with Chloe and Izzy, Julia and her friend  said goodbye, drove away and left me there.  I was very confused and worried, and spend quite a long time waiting at the front door for Julia to come back to me.  Yours Truly Confused was very nice and gave me treats. She also allowed me to sit on top of her on the only couch. It was a bit of a squeeze!

Chloe and Izzy are very welcoming, and Yours Truly Confused has promised to get a bigger couch.  I think I’m going to like it here.

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