Sunday, 3 November 2013

Rice cakes..mmmmm

2013-11-03 12.07.10






Hmm… what’s this on the table?2013-11-03 12.07.26






Really interesting2013-11-03 12.07.37






How am I going to get some of this?2013-11-03 12.08.04





If I sit down really nicely, maybe Yours Truly Confused will relent and give me some of that yummy stuff…



2013-11-03 12.08.43







Nope, that didn’t work…2013-11-03 12.09.23






I’d reeeeaaallllly like some of these…2013-11-03 12.09.57






Pleeeeeaaasssseeee?2013-11-03 12.10.11






Look at me, I’m so very extra good here… come on!2013-11-03 12.10.30





Yessss!2013-11-03 12.10.48






Nom nom nom nom mmmmmm2013-11-03 12.10.53





Proof that you can teach a dog to like anything.

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