Sunday, 9 December 2012

I love the park

2012-12-09 15.41.08

Because of my weight, I fjnd it very hard to get around, and usually will only tolerate a very short walk.

However, Yours Truly Confused has found a nice place called Rockfield Park not far from Baskerville Manor.  There is lots of wide open space and flat ground so I find it easy to rev up into a nice canter.  Of course, I won’t do it unless mum encourages me by singing the theme from Bonanza to me. I think she started that because she couldn’t 2012-12-09 14.28.36remember the music from The Men Called Shiloh.

There are lots of other dogs there, walking their people, and I get to play with them, which is great fun. I met another lab like me today and we hit it off really well.



2012-12-09 14.31.50


There are also plenty of things to sniff and investigate, so Princess Chloe the First, The Diva and I have formed a detective group to look into everything.

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