Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Mum got me up really early this morning and we went off in a taxi to Anicare Vets. To my horror, she left me there!  I was sure I had been abandoned again, and felt really depressed.

The nurse in Anicare Vets was really very nice, but she could not cheer me up.  For some reason, she shaved some of the hair off one of my front legs and stuck something in it.  I forget what happened then, everything went woozy.
When I woke up it was late afternoon and I felt really wobbly and my face was really sore. I couldn’t stop drooling, and my legs just would not co-operate.  Thankfully, when the nurse helped me out of the recovery room, who was there waiting for me but my mom – she hadn’t abandoned me after all (whew!).  I struggled across the floor and flopped on top of her, trying very hard not to cry.  Mum just kept hugging and petting me and telling me it was all going to be OK.

I heard the vet telling Mum that he had successfully removed the bad abscess that was causing me to be cross whenever anybody touched my face. He also showed her some pictures he had taken of my back end (the indignity of my bum being x-rayed while I was unconscious!).  He said that I have developed arthritis on my spine and my back legs, which explains my John Wayne walk (that’s what mum calls it, I prefer to refer to my gait as “stately”).  To manage this arthritis stuff, I need to take Metacalm every day, and have light exercise.  And stick to that diet.

After the chat with the vet, mum brought me home. I was so unsteady that I couldn’t get on the couch, and kept sliding round on the floor. Mum had to lie under me and sort of roll me over to get me on to a nice comfortable blanket.  Izzy is staying close to me to make sure I’m safe.  I am so relieved to be home.

I promise to look after my teeth carefully in future!

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